Your KOKO Experience

Welcome to a gaming world unlike any other offering in the market. We bring in the outside world into the game and it is complemented by rich and engaging visuals that are distinct and exquisite.

Grow your monkey in a world that adapts and learns as you go. Its built on the foundations of Artificial Intelligence. Your monkeys can be taught traits like conversation, running and combat.

Your journey is completely custom to you and is entirely based on the time and efforts spent within the game.

The game rewards you for engagement.
The more you play the more you earn.

Your monkey is unique to you and can be customised based on a plethora of
options avaiable in the game. No two will ever be alike.

You will have a choice of arenas for every type of monkey to compete in.
You can also build arenas and host competitions to earn coins.

The custom studio not only lets you purchase armour and artifacts but also
customise them based on your preferences. Become an artist and sell custom
NFTs within the world of KOKO and earn coins.

Equip your monkey with skills and tools that make them better than the rest.
Compete to win coins and cred.


OCTOBER 15, 2021


DECEMBER 28, 2021